Laptop Repair and Services

Basic Diagnostic- Identify problems in your system with recommendations for repair- Diagnostic fee is IS APPLIED  towards work

carried out . If customer declines work to be done basic fee still applies    $49.99    
System Services    Labour    
System Tune Up- Optimize system performance and start-up time- Includes upgrade recommendations    $49.99    
System Dust Removal and Cleaning    $49.99    
Hardware Replacement and Upgrade 

Fan Replacement    $49.99 + Part      
Memory Upgrade $37.50
Hard Drive Replacement(Please consult with our service centre technicians for the right model)    Hard Drives    $29.99  

OS install Extra.
Optical Drive Replacement    Optical Drives    $19.99    


15.6 " HD 720p or below    $129     
17" HD 720p or below    $169  

Motherboard Repair Parts and Labour 

USB Port Replacement     $99.99    
Audio Jack Replacement   $99.99    
Motherboard Fix                $149.99 

Motherboard Repair- Please note that only certain parts on the motherboard can be repaired   

$50 diagnostic fee applies on non fixable motherboards.   
LCD Inverter Replacement        $89.99    
LCD Cable Replacement            $99.99  

Video Card Fix             $149.95      

Sofware Services

Create Recovery Disk for New System- Includes system recovery USB key- Remove unnecessary software- Install Windows updates and Microsoft Security Essentials- Install free applications     $49.99    
Operating System Installation(Windows or Mac OS)- Install all drivers and Windows updates- Install Microsoft Security Essentials- Remove unnecessary software- Operating System software not included    $74.99    
Application Installation- Install individual software (MS Office, Anti-virus, accounting software, or other applications)    $19.99    
Application Installation (If Purchased at Canada Computers & Electronics)- Includes software for pro audio equipment    $9.99    
Virus Removal- Remove all viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, spyware, etc.- Includes Norton or MacAfee Antivirus software with latest updates    $99.99    
Operating System Installation With Data Backup and Restore- Includes a backup of your data before installing a new operating system onto your computer. Data is then restored to your computer    $149    
Data Services    Labour    
Data Backup / Transfer up to 2TB- Backup data to external hard drive     $74.99    
Data Backup / Transfer over 2TB- Backup data to external hard drive     $99.99    
Basic Data Recovery- Recover deleted or corrupted files-    $15


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